News : Left arm infected (gross am i right?)

Welcome to my website stranger!


5/12/2024 : The part that got bit got blisters and my arm is puffed up now the doctor gave me alot of meds and a ointment.. i hate bugs

5/11/2024 : A bug bit me and now my arm is... fully red this isnt good

5/1/2024 : Finally finished the new layout it was painful.. But hey atleast it was a bit fun and i learned new things!

4/28/2024 : Caves of qud is very fun.. Fun i define as ; I had to spend 3 hours with the entire game being greyscale so i had to kill a man for his tattoo gun and drink the very ink and THEN explode a flashbang in my eyes because that how you cure Monochromia in this game.

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- Info -

Junior High School (11th Grade) /// Playing video games daily (Ultrakill, Caves of Qud, GMOD etc.)

I love listening to music as i code, study(rare), play games and read books (mostly comics) /// My favorite bands (for now!) are : Tally Hall, Will Wood, Derek Warfield & the Young Wolfe Tones (And much more!)


My inspiration and the person who introduced me to HTML!

bestest friend also silly

Thank you for keeping me sane and giving me motivation i can never repay you

YOU.. YOU. you are silly

My oldest friend that helped me throughout my life